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Biography - ENGLISH

I was born in Reggio Emilia on 30.07.1970 and have lived in Carpi (Modena – in the north part of Italy) ever since I was a child.

Musical Studies:
I started with self-teaching methods, then studied harmony and arrangement so hard until I was called to teach these subjects at the Music Academy of Modena. In 1993 I joined a specialisation course at G.I.T. in Hollywood-L.A. My studies continue by means of different methods: videotapes, magazines, etc.: exams never end!

Professional Career:
My career started in 1989 and up to 2006 I worked with some of the most famous Italian and foreign singers, arrangers, producers and musicians (see attached list).
I had many different experiences as guitarist/actor in TV serial CRI CRI with Cristina d'Avena-1989, as sound technician and programmer in various recording studios, as session man with the most famous Italian and foreign singers, as composer, arranger and artistic producer (artistic producer, arranger and co-author of NEK's most famous album "LEI, GLI AMICI E TUTTO IL RESTO" reached the top of music charts - also thanks to the song "LAURA NON C'È" presented at S. Remo Festival, awarded with six platinum records in Italy and many other abroad, in many Countries, also receiving the EC Award for 1.000.000 copies sold in Europe (about 5millions all over the world). After that the success keeps on with "IN DUE", “LA VITA E’” and the other LPs.
While recording “la vita è” (nek – warner - 2000), was a big honor arranging strings and recording them with the London Session Orchestra at Abbey Road - LONDON
I also had several live tour experiences with various artists (in Italy and abroad) and TV ones (S. Remo, Festivalbar, Vota la Voce, Roxy Bar, Segnali di Fumo, Guitar Game, and abroad: Top of the Pops, Don’t Forget your Toothbrush etc. etc.). During Summer 2002 in Nek & Laura Pausini hit single “Sei Solo Tu”, the most played single, my guitars were very appreciated in Italy and abroad. From 2003 I had been Artistic Director of “Sanremo Rock Festival & Trend”, of which I managed also the TV artistic direction.
In 2005 I produced 3 songs for ZECCHINO D’ORO (Antoniano – Bologna – on RAI1)... in the charts: first, second and fifth!!!
2006 february, Laura Pausini won the GRAMMY AWARD for the best Latin Album: I played acoustic and electric guitars in every song. February 2006... 1st in the charts with Ivano Fossati (electric and acoustic guitars).
From 1994 each year, I have been playing guitars in most albums that hit international and italian music charts!
From 1994 each year, I have been playing guitars in most albums that hit international and italian music charts!

Projects as solo player:
In 1994-95 I recorded my first instrumental LP as solo player in my home studio "PROGETTO FUSIONE" that had a quite good success among "insiders". I worked at this CD as author, arranger, programmer, sound technician and player of all instruments used
In 1998 my 2° solo LP is issued: PROGETTO FUSIONE II - LA VENDEMMIA
In the second half of 2001, together with Andrea Rosatelli and Valter Sacripanti made the “Massimo Varini Trio” which starting from the music of the 2 Massimo Varini previous CD gives birth to new musical tunes published in “Massimo Varini Trio” CD. This one is distributed by Self Distribuzione and sold in Italian Music Stores.
In March 2003 after many request of my fans I published a new version remastered of “Progetto Fusione” (my first CD), containing 37 MP3 of my musical (demo) tests from 1998 to 1991.

Writing and Teaching activity:
Since ’95 I have been co-operating with various sector specific magazines (with my own page, reports on instrument tests and articles published on "Axe Guitar", "Strumenti Musicali", "Guitar Club", "Futura Music"). In 1998 I started co-operating with Gruppo Editoriale Jackson writing for the supplement to the magazine "Strumenti Musicali" concerning the use of guitar in a recording studio (the sound of samples present in articles, is on INTERNET).
In 1997 PLAYGAME Music (distr. CARISCH) publishes my didactic video about "creative guitar" entitled "Create your phrasing in Pop-Rock guitar" and a book explaining a similar method, completed by CD-CD ROM (1998). I was very involved ins this new experience, considered the great success among critics and public (the video was one of the best sellers in Italy), and I was called to hold teaching stages throughout Italy (in Rome at the Super Guitar School organised with the co-operation with the magazine AXE Guitar, in Milan at CPM in co-operation with the European Community)
In 2001 after a year of great success in the site, supported by Kymotto Music I published my first didactic book “La Chitarra Solista” (Solist Guitar)
Again in 2001/2002 Playgame publishes 2 other didactic videos of the Collection “Suonare nello stile di...” (Playing the style of...”): “Suonare nello stile di The Edge (U2)” e “Suonare nello stile di David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)”. In November-December 2001 and January-February 2002 these videos are the best sellers among didactic videos!!

In the years 2002/2003 I could issue 2 new didactic books with my own publishing company: “Tecnica Razionale” (Rational Guitar Techniques) a book for guitar player “training” with CD-Rom video, mp3, midi files, etc.; and “La Chitarra Solista” (soloing guitar)... but... the request were too big and I made my educational product being distributed by a major company: Carisch (Italy, France, Spain).

In September 2004 “Chitarra Solista” is newly issued and distributed by Carisch (best seller in 2004).

In October 2004 Carisch issues the new method: “Professione: Chitarrista”, a complete method on guitar arrangement (best seller in 2005).

In December 2004 I could issue a completely self-made and produced (recording and video) DVD, distributed by Carisch. This is the first volume of a complete Collection: “The Sounds of Guitars”. This DVD is suddely the best seller among italian didactic videos.

In 2005 on occasion of DISMA (our Italian “Namm show”), Carisch presents the new issue of “Tecnica Razionale” and the second DVD of the “Sounds of Guitar” Collection. In december 2005 the 3rd volume was published and in march 2006 will be published 4rth volume.

I teached at “Accademia di Musica” of Modena for two years.
In 1999 I was called to be a teacher at the “SANREMO MUSIC ACADEMY” and at the HOPE MUSIC SCHOOL. Since then every year I hold two stages for Hope Music School and some Workshops.
So much involved in didactic activity, also in connection with the great success of my first Playgame videos, I make stages all over Italy: Rome, at the Super Guitar School in co-operation with AXE Guitar Magazine, Milan at CPM in co-operation with European Community and sponsored by “Chitarre”, the Italian famous guitar magazine; In 2003 I was also the Didactic Director of Sanremo Rock, courses of “Professione Turnista” at the Music University in Rome, and other perfecting courses for Arezzo Wave sponsored by European Community etc. etc.
Every year I hold al least 10 stages all over Italy: playing technique, sounds of guitar, guitar soloing... my educational flexibility offer a very large possibility of stages!

Special Performances at Exhibitions.
Since 1990 I have been demonstrator of the best guitar and amplifier brands (ex. Marshall, Mesa-Boogie, Brunetti, Rocktron, Hamer, Cort, Larrivèe, etc.) at the most important Italian musical exhibitions, which has contributed to make specialised magazines deserve me a particular attention.
From 2003 I co-operate with DB Technologies (AEB – Bologna) for audio technologies development.
Since 1993 I have been demonstrator and endorser of Brunetti Tube amplification... our agreement is not just an endorsement: each one of his products is made with my “ear-cooperation”!

my name appears in:
OVER 37.000.000 (thirty-seven million records)
(for records I mean CD, LP, music tapes, single CDs, compilation and videos)
few examples: as guitar player with B. Antonacci - over 1.000.000 records; with Nek in over 5.000.000 records; with A. Bocelli in over 19.000.000 records; with Mina and Mina & Celentano in over 2.000.000 records, Laura Pausini etc. etc. thanks also to my activity as player, arranger, author, and art. producer.

I am going on with my 360° activity in Music, prompted by an ever growing enthusiasm, will to do always something new, sure that I am so many things still to learn.

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